The Vibrant Verge


The Vibrant Verge flowers from early spring until late autumn. The concept enhances biodiversity in urban areas.


A specific mixture, tailored to the area, is composed for each project in order to achieve an optimal result. According to proven methods, a wildflower mixture is composed on the basis of soil type, moisture management, environmental influences, existing vegetation and specific project objectives. This mixture consists of native varieties, creating optimally sustainable vegetation. Based on the wildflower mixture, JUB Holland composes a specific bulb mixture that matches the flowering time, environmental factors and management. The ultimate goal is to develop a stable vegetation with perennial varieties and naturalising bulbs. With good management, these varieties are self-sustaining. Optimal experience and added value for biodiversity are the result!


A good starting situation is essential. For this reason, the project is always visited before construction. A soil sample is then taken to determine whether, and if so which soil improvement should be applied. A neutral soil without disturbance and unwanted weeds and grasses is a condition for success.


Autumn is the best period for planting both bulbs and wildflowers. The latter can develop optimally in the next growing season.


One of the affiliated partners manages the project and is responsible for monitoring. In addition, this partner is responsible for maintenance work such as the removal of disturbing weeds, mowing and, if necessary, re-seeding. Mowing time depends on the vegetation and should be done at the same time and in the same way every year. This is usually once per year in December.


If you opt for this concept – including monitoring, guidance and management – you opt for a guarantee on the development of the vegetation. We guarantee that stable vegetation will develop within three to five years after construction.