The Vibrant Verge

Perennial Meadow with an extra long flowering period

Phase 1 February - March

Phase 2 April - May

Phase 3 May - June

Fase 4 July - September

The concept

Biodiversity is increasingly important in the urban environment. In addition, much attention is paid to ecological management and development of wildflower vegetation. The Vibrant Verge concept has been developed to increase biodiversity and guarantee a long flowering period.

Within this concept, the strengths of annual, biennial and perennial (indigenous) seed mixtures are combined with a tailor-made bulb mixture. This ensures vegetation with a long flowering time, increased biodiversity, extensive, ecological maintenance and the seasonal experience gets enhanced.

By combining the flowering time of the plants and the bulbs, flowering can be created for no less than 8 months. Colour can be found in roadsides from early spring to early autumn. This also means that the Vibrant Verge only needs to be mowed once a year, which saves a lot of costs. In addition, there is food supply and shelter for butterflies, bees and other insects almost year round.

In the first 3 to 5 years we will take full charge of the project. This means that monitoring takes place three times per year to follow the development of the project and to adjust where necessary. Mowing will also be arranged by us, whereby it is important that this is done with the right materials and at the right time.

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